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Contributions to the Literature

A list of Hamish's past and upcoming contributions to the IT/ICT literature.

UxUP: User experience Centric Unified Process

A user-centered agile systems development approach focused on delivering products that provide better user experience to their end users.
Presented at the 24th ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference.

ER2C SDMLC: Enterprise Release Risk Centric Systems Development & Maintenance Life Cycle

A risk-based approach to developing systems useful for midsize to large-scale enterprises conscious of not exposing end users to risks.
Under review for publication in Software Quality Journal.


Change Patterns

Repeatable patterns software systems change via and architecturally-optimized approaches to managing and applying them.  

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A Business Architecture for Enterprise IT-As-A-Service

How corporate IT divisions can be architected to become strategic assets and help achieve financial transparency and deliver highest value. 
Published in the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management. Read more...

Fog and Edge Oriented Embedded Enterprise Systems Patterns: Towards Distributed Enterprise Systems That Run on Edge and Fog Nodes

An approach to designing enterprise systems with privacy-preservation, scalability and running on the edge of network in mind.  
Published in the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2022.

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  • Patent No: 2018101107 – Aug 2018: Swim-Safe Smart Beaches: Methods, Smartwatch and Smartphone Applications, Systems, Processes and Device for Swimmer Monitoring and Connecting Swimmers to Lifeguards and Families at Beaches to Increase Beach Safety
  • Patent No: 2016100218 - Mar 2016: Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Two-Way Communication with Smartphones to Trigger Custom Actions and Receive Notifications.  

CIO/CTO Insights

A set of insightful articles and whitepapers for CIOs and CTOs.

Article Image
by Hamish Sadler on Dec 8, 2018

Insights for a CIO/CTO: Common Features of Transformative Business Models

On the common characteristics of transformative business models.

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by Hamish Sadler on Oct 11, 2018

Insights for a CIO/CTO: Digitization vs. Digital Transformation vs. Digital Reinvention

On the differences between Digitization vs. Digital Transformation vs. Digital Reinvention.

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by Hamish Sadler on Mar 03, 2018

Insights for a CIO/CTO: A Metamodel for Strategy Description; How Can Strategies Be Best Described?

Describing what constituents and elements strategies have and what their relationships are .

Article Image
by Hamish Sadler on Feb 22, 2018

Insights for a CIO/CTO: Enterprise Architecture vs. Enterprise Systems Architecture

Breaking down the common myths and misunderstandings around Enterprise Architecture and how it is mixed up with Enterprise Systems Architecture.


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